2017 Revival Update

Can I just say that this is such a happy trip to be posting on here again? Never in a million years did I think I would be logging in (not to mention remembering my password) to post!

I started this journal a month after I turned 18 and was a moody teenager, as we all were. I wrote prosey entries about boys and friendships, sometimes interjecting short stories and poetry. I talked about college life in the DC area and the economic slump that made getting a job fairly difficult. A few years ago, I packaged my entries up into a PDF (thanks LJ Book) and deleted them for some reason.


I'm a happily single 33-year-old living and working in San Francisco. Like I hoped as a youngster, I ended up in marketing as a senior marketing coordinator for an architecture and engineering firm. It's a job I really enjoy and definitely keeps me on my toes, plus the team I work with are so much fun! I was fortunate enough to find a rent-controlled apartment in a decent neighborhood, which I still live in. Recently, I more or less completed an apartment renovation that included: new paint, new furniture, art, and a new computer because my old PC finally died. This place is literally my sanctuary - it's so calming to walk inside and be surrounded by things I love. One of these days, I'll make a post to saucydwellings to show it off. What else? I still write and have an AO3 account that I can link to for those of you who are interested.

All in all, I think my 18-year-old self would be pretty impressed with her future self and the things I've accomplished. I know I am.